​LinkedIn Profile Rehab

Whether you are currently looking to break into the job market or not, creating a really great LinkedIn page is a good idea. In a time when employe

​Date night

No one likes to be called a cheap date, right? But sometimes on that college budget, you've got to do what you got to do. After tuition, books, ren

​Cheap Eats

You’re on a roll! This back-to-school thing isn’t so bad, is it? I’ve got to ask, though: does it taste bad? I mean, food options on college

The Numbers

My goal through this website and through this blog is for you to have all the information you need to make college possible. For a lot of students,

​There's No Place Like Home

The transition period. It's tough. It's like the longest camp you've ever been to. But it also can be one of the best experiences you've ever had.

Undergrad Overachiever

Being an overachiever is not a bad thing. College is an awesome place to find an outlet where you can really shine.

Senior year is preparation for college

Oh Hey, Senior Year Time to pony up! The last three years of school have been preparation for this year. This year is preparation for college.

Unorthodox Scholarships

When I hear the word ‘scholarship,’ do you know what I think?

Recommendations for Letters of Recommendations

Ask people who will speak well of you, and don't ask two days before the letter is due

Holiday Food Survival Guide

Don't forget the leftovers, and don't go overboard with the gravy boat

November College Prep Checklist

Don't stuff yourself on turkey before checking off the items on our monthly list

Ready for a Part Time Job?

A part time job can do more than just pad your wallet

Who Are You Online?

Your online profiles are important, be sure to leave a good impression

Roommate vs. RoomHate

Your college roommate is the first time you get to decide whom you live with - make a good decision

October college prep planner

Whether you're a freshman or senior, there's something you can be doing this month to get ready for college

Let NEXT Work for You

Welcome to your life after high school