​Fun Sized: Kentucky’s Smallest Colleges

For some students, bigger is better, but for others, a small college or university may have that perfect mix of personal attention and community.

​Tutoring for Everybody

I'm going to say something, but don't think you're in trouble. You need tutoring.

The Numbers

My goal through this website and through this blog is for you to have all the information you need to make college possible. For a lot of students,

Far too few Ky. HS graduates are prepared for postsecondary pursuits

ACT results from the graduating class of 2016, released today by the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, indicate that Kentucky’s graduat

​There's No Place Like Home

The transition period. It's tough. It's like the longest camp you've ever been to. But it also can be one of the best experiences you've ever had.

​Money Tip for Students, August 2016

The federal government may forgive all or part of your student loans if you meet certain requirements.

Financial Aid Tip for Students, August 2016

As high school seniors and their parents begin the college financial aid process, they may find themselves faced with unfamiliar terms. This short

Senior year is preparation for college

Oh Hey, Senior Year Time to pony up! The last three years of school have been preparation for this year. This year is preparation for college.

​Students should check KEES accounts for accuracy

Kentucky high school students and 2016 graduates should check their Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) accounts for accuracy.

Recommendations for Letters of Recommendations

Ask people who will speak well of you, and don't ask two days before the letter is due

Financial Aid Tip of the Month: January 2016

Time for college-bound seniors to fill out the FAFSA

Financial Aid Tip of the Month: Pay attention to deadlines for financial aid

Be sure to familiarize yourself with FAFSA

November College Prep Checklist

Don't stuff yourself on turkey before checking off the items on our monthly list

October college prep planner

Whether you're a freshman or senior, there's something you can be doing this month to get ready for college

Top 5 Lame Excuses for NOT Continuing Your Education

We've heard your excuses. They don't work.

College Checklist: Year by Year

What you need to be doing each year in high school to get ready for college

Prepped for Testing Success

For most high school students, “test” is the ultimate four-letter word

The Apprentice Approach

Internships and co-ops offer a chance to check out life in the working world

The AP Edge

Get started earning college credits – while you’re still in high school

How to write your winning admission essay

The essay is your time to shine, so set yourself apart with these tips

Busted: The Top 5 Myths about College

Your reasons for thinking you can't go to college are wrong

Your Computer Tech Files

Check out these gadgets to help you stay on track

Campus Safety

College life can be fun. But it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Finding the right school for you

There is a school out there that is perfect for you

Money Matters

Where to find the funds to foot the college bill