College Cold Weather Survival Guide

Want to keep warm walking on campus and stay cool once you get to the classroom? Read on.

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Just because it’s the spring semester, don’t underestimate how seriously cold it can be on campus. To be clear, this is winter. Not spring.

Campus life is great but it definitely poses some challenges. I know at Eastern Kentucky University, I park my car in one of the most far-flung lots on campus. And even there, I can’t always find a spot, so I have to go even further to find a space. You may not realize it because you’re in a hurry or with your friends, but you can be walking miles to get where you need to go.

My first line of defense this semester: Hot Hands. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re little pouches that heat up by some lifesaving magic, and you can put them in your gloves, shoes, pockets, whatever to keep away the frostbite. At you can get a whole box (40 count) for under $30. 

A good coat is a must, too. I always thought winter coats were irritating. They’re big and bulky and I take them off immediately when I get inside, but I have to wrestle with it all day. After last winter I had a change of heart. My mom bought me this huge, shiny silver, puffy coat with a hood. I can’t live without this coat. No way. Let the wind cut through your skimpy fleece jacket one day, and then talk to me. You’ll want to look like an Eskimo astronaut too in your silver parka.

Make sure you dress in layers. Like I mentioned, the most important layer is the coat. Wear it. Then, try layered sweaters, jackets, and shirts. You can take them off once you get inside that super-hot classroom building when you immediately start sweating. If you have those layers, though, no matter where you go, you can add or take away. I also advise wearing a couple pairs of socks. Don’t take the extra off in class though. I know you thought about that. Just don’t.

I also learned the hard way that sneakers are not winter shoes. When there is snow on the ground, it will get into your shoes and soak your socks every time. No matter how careful you are, those socks are doomed. Grab the boots.

Keep warm and bundle up this semester. Winter weather is on its way. Don’t let it get in your way.


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