Who Are You Online?

Your online profiles are important, be sure to leave a good impression

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I want to write this post in ALL CAPS (But I won’t. That’s obnoxious.) This is one of the most important topics I can think of, so listen up folks.

I love me some social media. I was looking at my battery usage on my phone and an embarrassing percent is used up on Insta, Facebook, etc.

What I want to say is two-fold. First, I think it is important that we all recognize that social media is a highlight reel. No one, and I mean NO ONE, looks that good all the time or is surrounded by tons of friends all the time or goes to the coolest parties all the time.

Sometimes the more in-touch we are online, the more out-of-touch we become in the real world. Be careful. Don’t scroll… and scroll… and scroll… and scroll… and scroll… and then feel bad when your last three posts were of your dog. (#hashtag ThisIsMe)

You have an awesome life! It doesn’t always need a filter and a #hashtag.

The big one I want to talk to you about, though, is about the type of content you put out there. I know you’ve heard the stories. It seems like every day someone is fired because of a tweet or harassed for an old photo. As Miss Kentucky, I have seen many titleholders be so embarrassed for something the media dug up from their high school or college years.

You may think it’s what everyone else is doing and is not significant, but let me tell you, this is only the beginning. Employers are looking through profiles. People in your community who could be great resources for you are plugged in. Even if your security settings are on private, you might as well be publishing a newspaper about yourself and putting it in the hands of those who can dramatically impact your life. Scroll through your followers and friends. Think about what you would say to those people as opposed to what you would post for them to see.

Remember that awesome life of yours we were talking about? Don’t feel pressure to paint a different picture online. Ok, let me be blunt: nothing trashy, nothing vulgar, no comment wars, no party pics, nothing mean or hateful, no crazy rants.

No matter what your future goals are, I hope you will keep every door open for yourself. Keep your options on the table. Don’t damage your reputation in a way that will get you later. Be the super cool you that you are. 


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