Ready for a Part Time Job?

A part time job can do more than just pad your wallet

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Are you broke as a joke? Hey, part of it is just because you’re young and in high school. The other part is maybe you haven’t found a good part time job. It’s a tricky equation: you have to take time, energy, convenience, feasibility, difficulty, and many other factors into consideration.

Money is not the only positive of working while you are in school, though. It’s a great way to learn new skills, meet business people in your community, and show experience on your resume in the future.

So where is a good place to work? This is a little different for every person. For most high school students, especially if you’re involved in extracurricular activities, time matters. Find a place that is willing to work around your schedule. Also find something you might enjoy. When I was in high school, I worked at a prom and bridal shop called Unique Boutique. Of course, I adored it and looked forward to going to work after school. I had a great boss who worked with my busy schedule. You get a choice in this; do something fun!

Now that I’m in college, another factor I take into consideration is brainpower. I spend a lot of time in class and studying, so for the other hours in the day, I don’t have the bandwidth to solve world hunger or rewrite the tax code. It’s okay to work a job that requires you to post tweets, check people out in line, or wash some dishes. Not that these are mindless jobs by any means, but they will allow you to focus your energies on your studies!

Another good idea, if you know what you want to do in the future, is to look for a part time job in the same industry. If you want to be a veterinarian, you could be a dog walker or pet sit for your neighbors. If you want to be a teacher, get involved in an after school program like at the YMCA or babysit. If you would like to be a photographer, work as an assistant and help with photo shoots. If you can start building your resume with relevant work experience, your post-college self will thank you!

One of my professors was telling me just the other day about a student who graduated college and scored a great job. The new job required three years of experience. Recent college graduates typically have a hard time locking in that first good job because of work experience, but she counted all the part time and internship work she had done throughout her high school and college career, and it worked! Not saying this will always be the case, but it certainly gives you the edge!

Always remember, though, your homework and school stuff comes first. Don’t let that paycheck keep you from investing in yourself. It’ll pay off, I promise! Put in those applications and give it a go. 


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