Holiday Food Survival Guide

Don't forget the leftovers, and don't go overboard with the gravy boat

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Let’s talk holiday food, the good and the bad. I think I can speak for most of the human race when I say our willpower is weak when we smell turkey and dressing.

The holiday season is a wonderful time to see family, exchange gifts, feel all warm inside, and eat until you explode. I do have a few tips, though, that might curb the guilt and bring down the food baby!

Not all holiday dishes are created equal. Go for the turkey! I mean, I figured you probably would anyway, but if you avoid that outside part (I know, that part is so good but…), the white meat is pretty lean and oh so good for you. If you ladle the whole gravy boat over it, though, you might not fit in your New Year’s resolution jeans.

If you or your family is big on veggies, this can also be a good addition to the plate and not the pounds. Be careful, though, of sweet potatoes coated in marshmallow and sugar (that should be on the dessert table), corn pudding, and green bean casserole. Yes, those are vegetable. No, they are not good for you. If only, right?

Another handy trick is to make sure you’re hydrated. Sometimes I think I am literally dying of hunger, but you might be surprised what a big glass of water will do for your cravings and hunger pains. You could just be thirsty! Make sure, before you take down the buffet, you get something to drink. I am always pretty shocked to see how much less I will eat when I do this first.

One last tip: (high school students, you will thank me for this later), if you are on Thanksgiving or Christmas break and have to head back to school for finals, DO NOT FORGET THOSE LEFTOVERS! They are a prize just sitting in the refrigerator there for the taking. After holidays, it seems like every family eats turkey until they hate it, but if you load it up and take it to school, you will be really glad you have an awesome, home cooked alternative to EasyMac. No competition.

Great now I’m starving!

No one wants that freshman 15, but the holidays are a time to live it up a little! Follow these tips, though, and you won’t be living up to a few extra sizes! 


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