October college prep planner

Whether you're a freshman or senior, there's something you can be doing this month to get ready for college

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It's October! Where did September go?

That was fast. Oh well, let's get rolling into the year's spookiest month!

One thing that does not have to be scary, though, is planning for college. Want to know the trick? (See what I did there? trick!) Do a little bit every month until you graduate. So what should you be doing this October?

If you’re a freshman, I hope the first couple months of high school have been a blast! Four years go by faster than you’d think, though, so make sure this month you are planning out your classes for the rest of high school. Take the tough stuff. Make the most of it. Also, join a club, sport, or program you think is fun or interesting. Feeling well-rounded already?

Hey sophomores! This month, look for some leadership positions. If you were involved in a club last year, do more. It’s a great way to show you are ambitious and responsible. Also be getting to know faculty and administrators at your school. You’re going to need a really sweet recommendation letter from them later on, so let them see how great you are!

For all the juniors out there: the PSAT is something you need to know about. Its kind of like practice for the SAT, but it could score you some scholarship dollars so do a good job! You can take it on Oct. 14 or Oct. 28, 2015. Go to collegeboard.com to make an account and register to take the test. Also start a file for schools you're interested in attending. Put in info on financial aid, campus life, areas of study, etc. Stash away interesting facts and new details you find about your favorite schools. 

If you're a senior, now is the time to really zero in on what you want to study. I remember when I tried to do this my senior year. I thought it was funny that people were asking me to essentially decide on my entire future right that very second. Don't think of it that way. That's pretty daunting. Get a general idea of what you enjoy and what you're good at. Make a list and compare. You can do it!

What schools have your major? Homework time! Dig in to this website and official university websites to find what majors are offered. This could save you some heartache when you don’t get attached to a place that can’t help you.

Let’s talk money. Actually, talk to your parents about money. Team work makes the dream work. What can you afford? And don’t forget about those scholarships! They’re out there everywhere so make sure you apply. Check out our Earn & Learn tab for more ways to fund your education.

If you haven’t taken a crack at them already, you have got to take the ACT and/or the SAT and send those scores to the schools you’re interested in. Do it.

Have a great October! Check back next month for your November check list. 


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