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You may be under the impression that the major you choose in college will determine what you do with the rest of your life. Actually, college is all about discovering what you like and do not like, what your strengths and weaknesses are. It’s all about exploring options you never knew existed.

While you are enrolled in school, either high school or college, you have the benefit of having professionals who are there to help you decide what you need to do with your life. They can give you advice on the best colleges or help steer you in the right direction regarding your future career decision.

It’s often helpful to take a career assessment test, which categorizes your likes and dislikes and gives you an idea of the type of career for which you are best suited. Your counselor can make arrangements for the assessment, as well as help you interpret the results.

There are also a number of career interest inventories available for free on the Web. Some take as little as five minutes to complete; others are a bit more extensive. Either way, you may uncover some information that gives you food for thought. But remember: In the end, choosing a career is not about picking the job that pays the most or offers the best exposure. It’s about finding a career that pays you to do what you love.
Free Interest Inventories on the Web 

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