How to Land a Great Scholarship

Treat looking for scholarships as if it were your job. Put in the time and you will get paid.

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• Do as many scholarship searches as you can. Finding them is half the battle.
• Being involved in school, church and community activities is the best way to make an application stand out.
• Study hard and get good grades. SAT/ACT scores do count.
• Don’t rush through the scholarship application just to get it finished. Make sure to write neatly and make it as perfect as possible.
• Do some volunteer work.
• Check all of the local chapters of national organizations. Rotary, Lions, Elks, etc. Ask them if they offer any scholarships to local students; a lot do.
• Select the right people to write your recommendations. Ask someone who knows you reasonably well and will do a good job of highlighting your abilities.
• Don’t shy away from scholarships based on difficult essays. If everyone is afraid of them, fewer people apply.
• Above all, be honest. NEVER lie about finances, grades, work experience – or anything!


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