Best health and fitness apps for college students

These great apps make maintaining health and fitness in college easier than ever. If only they took your tests.

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Beyond just academic demands, managing life’s basics can be tough while in college. One of the things college students tend to let slide while is their health and fitness. From eating on the go to late night study sessions that stir up cravings, the college lifestyle can have a detrimental effect on weight and fitness. Fortunately, there are some great apps available on smartphones to make maintaining health and fitness in college easier than ever.


by mobileXware

Works with: iPhone iOS, BlackBerry

Calisthenics — they’re those basic exercises that can be done just about anywhere without equipment. The FitDeck Mobile BODYWEIGHT app attempts to make a game of staying in shape by presenting 50 different screens (which it calls cards) of people doing classic, tried and true exercises. Beneath each drawing is written instructions for performing the exercise safely and correctly. Cards are color-coded according to middle, upper, lower and total body exercises. Cards may also be drawn by name from a list, from a chosen category or shuffled to allow the app to randomly bring up the next exercise.

Gym Technik

by Gym Technik Ltd.

Works with: BlackBerry

Whether you’re just beginning a fitness regimen or are a seasoned pro, the Gym Technik app can help with planning your workouts as well as keeping track of them. The app is free, which college students love, and it is easy to set up. Initial setup does require a computer, but after that students can adjust their workouts using their smartphones. After you create your user name, you’ll be guided to set up workouts based on specific body parts like arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs. You’ll also be able to set up cardio sessions and custom workouts. The program gives you a choice of a large number of different exercises for each workout, plus instructions for correct execution. This app is easy to use and informative.

Weight Tracker

by EzMobiGo

Works with: BlackBerry

This app is easy to use and can be an important ally in the “battle of the bulge.” Simply enter your weight daily. You can maintain your weight or set a target weight and date you’d like to reach the goal. The app will then suggest daily caloric intake and calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) to give you your ideal weight for your height. Knowing your suggested daily caloric intake will make it easier to manage what you eat and when it’s time to workout to bring that number back down.

Ascendo Fitness Calculators

by Ascendo Inc.

Works with: BlackBerry

This calculator provides easy and fast calculations for maintaining your health and well-being. Simply enter your height, weight, gender and age and the app does the rest. You’ll be provided with your ideal weight range, BMI, body fat percentage, Basal Metabolism Rate, maximum heart rate and calories required to reduce, maintain or increase your weight.


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